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Cowley County


4-H Family Information

4-H Family Handbook 2019-20

Kansas 4-H Project Selection Guide

Cowley County 4-H Project Selection Guide

Kansas Award Portfolio (Record Book)

***NOTE:  Some Cowley County forms and requirements differ from the State requirements.  Our requirements for a complete record book (KAP) are (in this order):

1) Must be in a folder or binder

2) Personal Page

3) 4-H Story (unless submitting a 7-8 year old KAP)

4) Age appropriate KAP Form (Cowley County's 9-13 KAP differs from the State)

5) Photo pages

6) Permanent Record (You MUST have your permanent record complete and turned in with the KAP book in order to be eligible for Achievement Pin Applications)

Record Book 101 Click here for additional information on completing your record book for Cowley County screening.

Use the following forms to complete your project KAP.

14-18 KAP(pdf)

14-18 year old KAP (Word) (more user friendly)

9-13 KAP (form-fillable pdf)

7-8 KAP (PDF)

7-8 Picture Page

Permanent Record(pdf)

Permanent Record(Word)

Personal Page(pdf)

Personal Page (Word)

Member Achievement Pins

***NOTE:  In order to be eligible for any Member Achievement Pins, Cowley County 4-H members MUST complete and turn in a complete KAP Book (Personal page, story, KAP Form, pictures, Permanent Record) to the Extension Office for screening (see KAP requirements above). 

Member Achievement Pin- 1- 4-H Membership Pin

Member Achievement Pin- 2- Bronze Pin

Member Achievement Pin- 3- Clover Pin

Member Achievement Pin- 4- Emerald Pin

Member Achievement Pin - 5- Silver Pin

Member Achievement Pin - 6- Silver Guard Pin

Member Achievement Pin -7- Leadership Pin

Member Achievement Pin - 8- Gold Pin

Member Achievement Pin - 9- Gold Guard Pin

Special Awards

Key Award

Club Reports (Form-fillable pdf)

2019 4-H Program Year Club Seal Report (due September 20, 2019)

Club Organization Report

Club Financial Review Report

Scholarship Applications

4-H Council Scholarship

Junior Leaders Scholarship

4-H Development Fund Scholarship

Robert Austin Memorial Horse Scholarship (open to any age 4-H Horse Member)

Cowley County 4-H Development Fund Leadership Development Grant

Sunny Hills 4-H Camp Scholarship

Click here for Livestock Forms