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Cowley County


4-H Family Information

4-H Family Handbook 2021-22

Kansas Award Portfolio (KAP)

KAPs will be replaced Kansas Project Records.

New for 2021:  Kansas Project Records

Forms and instructions from the Kansas 4-H website. These documents replace the previous KAPs. 

Member Achievement Pins

***NOTE:  In order to be eligible for any Member Achievement Pins, Cowley County 4-H members MUST complete and turn in a complete KAP at least one complete Kansas Project Record Form (Personal page, story, Kansas Project Record form, pictures, Permanent Record) to the Extension Office for screening. 

Member Achievement Pin- 1- 4-H Membership Pin

Member Achievement Pin- 2- Bronze Pin

Member Achievement Pin- 3- Clover Pin

Member Achievement Pin- 4- Emerald Pin

Member Achievement Pin - 5- Silver Pin

Member Achievement Pin - 6- Silver Guard Pin

Member Achievement Pin -7- Leadership Pin

Member Achievement Pin - 8- Gold Pin

Member Achievement Pin - 9- Gold Guard Pin

Special Awards

Key Award

Club Reports (Form-fillable pdf)

4-H Program Year Club Seal Report (due September 17, 2021)

Club Organization Report

Club Financial Review Report

Scholarship Applications

4-H Council Scholarship

Junior Leaders Scholarship

4-H Development Fund Scholarship

Robert Austin Memorial Horse Scholarship (open to any age 4-H Horse Member)

Cowley County 4-H Development Fund Leadership Development Grant

Sunny Hills 4-H Camp Scholarship

Click here for Livestock Forms