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Cowley County

Cowley County Extension Master Gardeners

The Cowley County Extension Master Gardener Program is a volunteer organization designed to provide the public with research-based horticultural information.

Local Extension Master Gardeners are involved with a variety of community education projects like:

  • Celebrate Ag workshops
  • outreach with Winfield Correctional Center
  • Education garden at Community Health Center
  • Youth education at schools and farmers markets

Applications are now being accepted for the Fall 2022 training program. 

Click to:  Learn more or apply


KSRE garden hour image

Link to K-State Garden Hour webinar series

Lawn and Garden

  • Do you have an unknown insect that is attacking your crop, landscape or garden? We prefer pictures (with a ruler or common object to help determine size) or dead samples (put in a plastic zip bag and freeze).

  • Do you need a soil report prior to planting your crop, lawn or garden? We can send your soil to the K-State Soil Testing Lab and provide follow-up recommendations.

  • Do you need someone to provide advice about your trees (or lawn, etc) and not be worried that they are trying to sell you product? We are here to provide research-based information that can equip you to make an informed decision.


KSRE resources for your lawn and garden

What variety of ______ should I plant in my yard? 


The Kansas Garden Guide is accessible for free. Print copies are available for purchase from our office.

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